November 2007

Do Androids Dream …

by Lee Gesmer on November 6, 2007

As the lawyer drifts off to sleep the fantasy of the “perfect” IP case drifts across his mind. Not a patent case (way, way too complicated), not a copyright case (too boring if straightforward, and too difficult if not) ), not a trademark case (surveys, secondary meaning, no thanks), but a straightforward, meat and potatoes, trade secret case: there is a trade secret, and someone stole it, case over.

The lawyer falls asleep thinking about the perfect case, a big case, but a realtively easy case. After all, most cases are so hard, everyone deserves an easy case once in a while, right?

Robotic FXIn the lawyer’s dream a former former employee of the lawyer’s client (lets call the employee him Jameel Ahed, or simply Mr. Ahed) has started a competitive company. The client has obtained the competitive product, taken it apart, and concluded that Mr. Ahed very likely used the client’s trade secrets to create the product.… Read the full article

Judge Gertner's Injunction in iRobot Case

by Lee Gesmer on November 5, 2007

I, Robot

iRobot’s trade secret case against Robotic FX has attracted a fair amount of attention in Boston, and has been reported in detail by Xconomy here.

On Friday Judge Gertner issued her decision on iRobot’s motion for preliminary injunction, which has been posted by Xconomy here.

I’ll update this posting once I’ve had a chance to read her Order in detail.… Read the full article