Project Posner

by Lee Gesmer on October 13, 2006

Tim Wu and Stuart Sierra, a Columbia Law School professor and web designer respectively, have launched Project Posner, a web site offering unheard of access to Judge Richard A. Posner‘s legal opinions, in searchable format. And yes, the creators — who are certainly not alone in this view — pronounce that “Richard Posner is probably the greatest living American jurist.”

If, however, you still find yourself wondering: why should I care?, Project Posner has you covered. Project Posner offers the following explanation for its existence:

… While Posner’s books and popular writings are easily available to the public, his opinions are difficult or expensive for the public to access, let alone search. This site, for the first time, collects almost all of his opinions in a single searchable and easily readable database.

For lawyers and those interested in law, Posner’s opinions have a particular substantive value. One thing that distinguishes the opinions is the effort to try and get at why a given law actually exists, and an effort to try and make sense of the law.

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Larry Reece

by Lee Gesmer on October 4, 2006

Laurence H. Reece, III, was a partner at our firm for two years at the end of the 1990s. Following that, he started his own firm in 2000. Larry died of cancer in August 2004.

Larry was the “Dean of the Bar” in Massachusetts when it came to the law of trade secrets and covenants not to compete. He was a nationally recognized expert in these practice areas and a prolific author, writing seminal articles on these topics.

Life moves on, and out of concern that these articles would turn to dust on the bookshelves and in the libraries of Massachusetts attorneys, I asked Larry’s wife, Patricia Manson, for permission to publish some of Larry’s best articles on this blog. She agreed enthusiastically. While the copyrights to these articles belong to the publishers, I believe that this nonprofit, educational publication falls well within fair use. (Warning: these are lengthy PDF files).… Read the full article

Courts. Although Allan van Gestel’s recall to the Suffolk County Business Litigation Session received moderate publicity last year, both Thayer Fremont-Smith (bio) and Hiller Zobel’s recall this year has received almost no attention at all. If these recalls were reported by Mass Lawyers Weekly, I can’t find it. Both judges are sitting in Middlesex for now.… Read the full article

This interview, which can be accessed here, provides some fascinating observations on emerging markets and their impact on the world economy. Ms. Woodall notes that emerging markets now represent one-half of world output and world energy consumption. She states:

The integration of China, India and other emerging economies are providing the biggest economic boost in world history, bigger than the industrial revolution. The first decade of 21st century will see the fastest growth ever in average world income.

An extensive series of articles from the September 16, 2006 issue of The Economist, titled A Survey of the World Economy and focusing on emerging markets, can be accessed from this page (lengthy PDF file).… Read the full article